Leaders and Staff

Leaders and Staff

Senior Pastor

Kyle Lewis

Kyle serves as the Senior Pastor at Island Pond. By the grace of God, Kyle provides spiritual leadership for the church and is the primary preacher on Sunday morning. He desires that the congregation of Island Pond would carry out the commands of Jesus to love God with their heart, love their neighbors, and make disciples of Jesus (Matthew 22:36-40, 28:18-20).

Prior to attending seminary, Kyle worked for a number of years as a hospital social worker before earning a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and then a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Spirituality from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served at other churches as an associate pastor focusing on assimilation, discipleship, and family ministries.

Kyle has been married to Caroline for over ten years and they have three children. When not talking about spiritual matters, Kyle might be heard discussing topics such as international adoption, aquarium fish, writing, a recent book he read, or professional football.

Administrative Staff

Pam Miller

Youth Director

Steve Miller
Director of Youth
Steve has been with Island Pond for 24 years. He serves as the director of youth ministries, teaches an adult Bible study group, and is one of the deacons.


Deacons at Island Pond oversee and provide leadership for the various ministries of the church.

Adam Houston
Adam is the chairman of the deacons, which involves providing leadership for the deacon committee and making sure they behave during the meetings. He first attended Island Pond 32 years ago, but was away for a number of years pastoring at another church. He returned to Island Pond about two years ago.
Howard Dmytro
Howard has been at Island Pond for 15 years. He currently serves with the evangelism and missions ministries.
Neil Emerson
Having attended Island Pond for over 35 years, Neil holds the record among the deacons for the longest attendance. In addition to being a deacon, he also serves in the ministries involved in administration and buildings and grounds.
Bob Houston
Bob has been at Island Pond for over 32 years. He currently serves in a number of areas, including the ministries involved in benevolence, teaching, and administration.
Steve Miller
Steve has been with Island Pond for 24 years. In addition to serving as a second, he also serves as the director of youth ministries, teaches an adult Bible study group, and oversees the fellowship ministries of the church.